The Icons

You want to know the meaning of the icons in PICK'R? So here are your answers... 
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Speed Score
It displays how well you have respected the speed limit. The lower it is, the more did you speed. The highest value is 100!
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Experience Points (XP)
You earn experience points for every trip you do. The more you drive and the longer you respect the speed limit, the more XP you gain.
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Every kilometre driven and every item collected gives you Pickoins. You can use them against other players and transform them into XP. 
Because some items are less common, you gain more Pickoins for them than for others.

Items (multiple collecting possible)
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For every kilometre you have driven in a city.
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For every kilometre you have driven on a country-road.
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For every kilometre you have driven on the Autobahn!
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Bridge (Item)
When you traverse a bridge, you get Pickoins... simple as that!
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Roundabout (Item)
Pass a roundabout and the Pickoins are dropping... going round and round does not give you more Pickoins.
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Tunnel (Item)
In and out...

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Star Point (Item)
Those are flexible points, that can change their location from time to time. But because of their unpredictability they give you the highest amount of Pickoins.

Uniques (one-time collecting)
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Region (Unique)
Including: Countries (GER, FR, LUX, UK...), federal states in Germany and capitals (London, Paris, Berlin,...).

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Monument (Unique)
It's getting historical: Tower Bridge, Brandenburg Gate, Eiffeltower,... those are monuments that grant you a extra Pickoins.
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Touristical Attraction (Unique)
The TV Tower in Berlin, museums or zoos are for themselves worth a visit. And when you gain also Pickoins there is no way around anymore.